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Phonics at Cavendish Primary School

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read and write by blending and segmenting individual sounds. Every letter and different combinations of letters makes particular sounds. Learning these is key for children to become confident, fluent readers and spellers. At Cavendish we follow the Bug Club Programme of teaching which is split into 6 phases that systematically build on skills and knowledge of previous learning.
Children throughout Foundation and Key stage 1 take part in daily phonics sessions. These sessions focus on key reading skills such as decoding to read words and segmenting sounds in words in order to spell. During Phonics lessons we also teach children to read and write ‘tricky words.’ These are words that you cannot sound out and children are taught to remember off by heart.

We are also using phonics sessions to develop vocabulary by ensuring words are given a context and visual aids are provided to promote children using these independently in their own work. Additionally, when we are revisiting sounds, words get progressively more challenging in order to continuously expand our children’s vocabulary and fluency.

In Foundation stage and Key stage one, phonics is encouraged across the entire curriculum. Afternoon sessions provide opportunities for phonics skills to be consolidated and enhanced each day. These are often embedded into the curriculum or incorporated into stand online activities and provision areas.

Phonics Policy, Curriculum Statement, Long Term Plan & Progression Document:

Phonics Policy

Phonics Curriculum Statement

Phonics Long Term Plan and Progression Documnet