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Cavendish Primary School


Music is important to staff and children at Cavendish. We have a weekly singing assembly which includes modern music as well as traditional hymns.

Each week, every class enjoys a music lesson using our scheme ‘Charanga’. Charanga lessons have different parts:

  • To listen & appraise:

The children listen to at least one piece of music each lesson. These pieces may follow the musical style that is being learnt that half term or may illustrate different musical styles to compare. Throughout each year, every class will listen to a variety of different pieces of music from a range of musical styles; including rap, hip hop, reggae, Latin, Blues, pop, rock and many more! The children listen and say if they like the music, listen for instruments used and answer questions about the piece.

  • Musical activities:

A ‘focus’ song to learn is introduced each half term – except EYFS where familiar songs and ‘new’ songs are included weekly. This includes learning lyrics and a melody, looking at the ‘content’ of a song (chorus, verse, hook) as well as learning ‘echoes’ and other singing techniques. During the weekly lessons learning the focus song, Charanga provides the opportunity for children to compose and to improvise.

Games to play to develop musical skills – keeping the beat or the ‘pulse’, moving to music, developing an awareness of pitch, tempo and timbre

  • Perform & share:

Each lesson has opportunities to practice and together building up to a class performance, using voices and glockenspiels or untuned percussion instruments.

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, singing is not recommended so music lessons are being adapted. Staff are using the ‘Ten Pieces’ website which gives the opportunity for children to listen and learn from the composers of a variety of music (without singing). Each ‘piece’ includes an introductory video introducing the piece of music as well as information about the composer. The children then listen to the music played by symphony orchestras and complete follow up activities. Staff are also using music to help the children develop their awareness of feelings. They will be learning about how films and television programmes use music to set the scene and to help convey feelings of characters. The children will be listening to different familiar pieces of music to ‘appraise’ and think of how the music wants us to feel.

Cavendish Music Long Term Plan & Progression Document and Curriculum Statement:

Music & Charanga Long Term Plan & Progression Document

Music Curriculum Statement